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Hi, I'm GondorianDotCom aka Gondorian aka GDC!

I don't update this website much any more, as I've been busy making over 17,000 posts on the Shadow Era official site, as well as making various tools for players of the game (e.g. deckbuilders).

If you are looking for anything related to Shadow Era (if not, why not?!?), then you really are best off visiting shadowera.net. It's run by a fantastic team of people, which is growing every day.

But if you are interested in viewing content that was predominantly made about ten years ago, then please be my guest to have a look around here!

This site is mainly about the Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game. but I am steadily building up content related to Shadow Era TCG.

Quite Old Updates:

  • 13th September 2011 - Shadow Era 1.27 is finally out for iOS. Update your iPhone/iPod/iPad versions now!

  • 10th September 2011 - I am running the first Shadow Era 1.27 Tournament at the moment, with prizes sponsored by the makers of the game. Sign-ups are now closed, but contact me if you want to take part in any future tournaments.

  • 8th September 2011 - After meeting the legendary Jimmy Wales, I created the Shadow Era Wikia site. Please feel free to register and start improving the content.

  • 2nd September 2011 - I added a handy frame-based page for the Shadow Era 40-card Leagues, which allows you to access the chatroom, test server, live server and league website all from one browser window. I have also integrated the "forum-stalker", so you can see when Forum users are online. If your browser can handle frames, I highly recommend you check out this page.

  • 1st September 2011 - I run and host the unofficial Shadow Era 40-card Leagues, with prizes sponsored by Wulven Studios (the makers of Shadow Era).

  • 15th August 2011 - I have made two "helper" frame-based webpages for Shadow Era players: the free Test Server with chatroom and the Live Server with chatroom.

  • 3rd July 2011 - I now host the unofficial Shadow Era 40-card Ladder. There are no prizes currently; it's all about the challenge and bragging rights.

  • 29th April 2011 - It's been a LONG time since I updated this site, but I am back now to share news of another great CCG/TCG called Shadow Era. It is played exclusively via digital media, using clients on iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows or most web browsers, and is completely free to register and play with a preconstructed starter deck. You win extra cards through playing games against AI or other players over the net, or you can accelerate your card pool's growth by spending money. (If you do choose to spend money, it is much more sensible pricing than other CCGs out there like Magic: The Gathering and the now dead LOTROTCG). What are you waiting for?
Really Old Updates:

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