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Hi, I'm GondorianDotCom aka GDC aka Gondorian aka Ian!

My main focus in 2019 is the development of the
Quantum Rift Adventure Card Game for tabletop and digital!

If you like the look of the cards above and would be interested in learning more about the Quantum Rift Universe, be sure to Like/Follow Quantum Rift on Facebook to get updates as we share them.

If you're interested in anything I was doing before the end of 2018, you should probably look to ShadowEra.com (where most of my online activity took place in 2011-2018 across various roles), my Facebook page, my Twitter account, my Twitch channel or my YouTube channel.

As for all the old content on this website that's been neglected for more than a decade, it's still here, but you need to go to the old index instead.

I do hope to one day make this the main home of Gondorian again (my Minas Tirith, if you like), but who knows when I will get round to that?

Thanks for visiting and I wish you merry and prosperous travels on this journey we call life!

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